MIMM // Marvelous in My…Tuesday?!

Okay, seriously, how did it happen that it’s already Tuesday?! Not only did I fail you not posting my Friendly Friday Suggestions, but I somehow missed the memo about Monday existing. Sorry about that! It’s so early on a Tuesday that I think I can still remember some marvelous-ness that would usually be shared on a Monday :P

Marvelous is…

Thinking IĀ get to teach Zumba three times this week. Two for sure, but I’m still waiting to hear if the session I’m supposed to teach TODAY is going to actually happen. Kind of frustrating, but if it happens it will turn into being marvelous :P

Using my InDesign tutorial notes again! I found out that another instructor wants me to give a lecture for his class on InDesign. I’ll have to find a way to improve the tutorial to get the least amount of blank stares out of the class.

Eventually finding Biscoff’s cookie spread!! Since I’m not allowed to go to Trader Joes (long story short, it’s for a bet. A bet I refuse to lose.) I knew I needed to find the Biscoff brand. While I was home I stopped at Cost Plus and found it! Now I can start attempting the multiple recipes I have that require the stuff.


Seeing the carpet in my bedroom for the first time…in foreverrrrrr. Just kidding I’m not about to break into song a la Frozen, but while this is a bit of an exaggeration, I finally had time and energy to begin the big spring cleaning of 2014! I just decided to name it that so it’d sound more important in order to motivate myself. I’m so sneaky.

Deciding to use a lot of this weekend to work on blog and craft related things! I have a lot on my mental to do list and I’m looking forward to cross them off one by one! And I’m looking forward to sleeping in…but I suppose I should make it through this week first :P

A 48 hours filled with seeing friends at a birthday dinner (technically the boyfriend’s friends, but shhh I’m stealing them one by one), line dancing place, and dinner and Dave and Busters with more friends! (those ones are legitimately my friends too. I promise.) It was a whirlwind weekend, but super fun.

Yay I was able to complete the idea of naming marvelous things that spell out Tuesday! :P That was more difficult than I thought it would be haha

I PROMISE I’ll see you tomorrow! Well, you know, in text form. ;)