MIMM // Weekend Adventures

I was looking for a way to incorporate all of my weekend adventures into one post, and I came across Healthy Diva’s Marvelous in My Monday link up! A perfect way to put all the randomness together :) And I can’t think of a better way to start the week off than by remembering all the fun times from the weekend!

Marvelous is…having my friend Nicole come to visit for the weekend!


This is a picture from her wedding a few months back where I was lucky enough to be her maid of honor. I still feel bad for messing up so many of her pictures with my crazy faces… :P

Marvelous is…going out to dinner and karaoke with Nicole and my work crew!


We were trying to send a snapchat at dinner, but it just ended up looking like ridiculousness. Per usual :) Refer back to above where I reference messing up her wedding pictures with my crazy face. Yeah. Karaoke was fun, like always, and I call them my work crew, but really we’re all real life friends. After all, one of my co-workers is my junior mom, so really we’re like family!

Marvelous is…crafting statement necklaces.


You can bet a tutorial of this necklace will be up this week! We may or may not have gone to Michaels three times in one day to complete our necklaces… :) Nicole’s necklace turned out SO PRETTY too, but I didn’t grab a picture of it! We made pretty different necklaces, but both awesome!

Marvelous is…Yogurtland.


Frozen yogurt swan. Enough said.

Marvelous is definitely this chocolate molten lava “crater cake.”


Stay tuned for that recipe soon.

And finally, marvelous is…starting to figure out a blogging schedule! I’m glad I have this post to act as a recap-type post because my Friday Five posts will be converting into a new idea starting this week! So if you weren’t already, start looking forward to Friday :)