Professional Pretzel Bakers

Before the month of March leaves in the blink of an eye, I still need to document the beginning of my 25th year of life!

Basically, on my actual birthday I had work, the boyfriend had work, and everyone at home was recovering from being sick so we had an easy day at home with a Chipotle dinner :) and of course my mom made my most favorite cake ever, complete with cake mold from my like 6th birthday haha


The next day on the 7th, the boyfriend and — wait, this is getting tiring typing the boyfriend, let’s call him what he is — so Caleb and I went to Fashion Island to Le Pain Quotidien for a pretzel making class! It was so awesome and I definitely want to go back and learn how to bake, well, everything they ever teach.


The teacher was really cool and there were only five of us in the class total. We made the regular twisted pretzels, pretzel knots, and pretzel balls with a cube of butter stuffed in the middle before they baked. They were SO GOOD.

They gave us a plethora of parting gifts too. We each got to take home a box full of pretzels we had made, and two loaves of bread he had tested the recipe for earlier that day, and a packet with instructions on how to make the pretzels at home. In the class we made the pretzels using the process that involved dipping them in a diluted solution of lye and water which apparently makes them more caramelized and more like a traditional Bavarian pretzel and less Wetzel-Pretzel-y. So, of course, when we made them at home recently, we had to do the proper scientific way and we now own our own bottle of lye haha


And that was pretty much my birthday weekend! Other past updates to follow soon! :)


Crafty Thoughts

I have every intention of getting up my DIY Statement Necklace tutorial ASAP, but I want to make sure the directions are just right and not too confusing. So, while I work on that, I thought I’d post some of the recent Pinterest crafty things I’ve seen lately that I’ve been loving.


How to letter in chalk: This makes me want to make a framed chalk board and write cute things in it!


Paper flowers: I definitely have an idea in mind for these: a DIY spring paper flower wreath! :)


DIY Stone Bracelet: This would be pretty layered with multiple bracelets or the same bracelet in multiple colors.


Animal keychains: This pin didn’t have a link (sighhhhhhhh hate when that happens), but from the looks of it, it seems like all that is needed is little plastic toy animals that you spray paint, a hook to screw into the top, and a keychain! #whimsical right? :P

And coming soon:



Random // Dance Academy


I have a show obsession. I knew this would happen once I got Netflix, but I didn’t think it would be an obsession with a teen, ABC Family-type show from Australia! It’s definitely one of those shows where you think to yourself, “Why am I even watching this — wait what just happened?! I need to watch the next episode!” I don’t want to relate the type of addictive nature to The Secret Life of the American Teenager but…it’s pretty similar. Minus that it has an entirely different plot line. And I stopped watching that show after the first season. I promise. Pinky promise.

The show is about this girl around 16 who goes to a dance academy in Sydney, Australia to study ballet and all of her ever so hilarious and dramatic adventures and life lessons she encounters during her time there. Don’t judge. You know you’ve been addicted to random shows in the past, I’m just able to actually admit it. And yes, I’m definitely trying to justify watching this show by writing about it.

If you have Netflix though and happen to enjoy dance shows and/or dance performances then I really would recommend checking out this show. If only to laugh at how ridiculous it is that I’ve almost finished the whole first season. :)

Edited: Please note that since originally writing this post a very short time ago I have since finished ALL seasons of the show (yes, I powered through ALL of the episodes) and have even more love for the show. To the point where the end of season two made me CRY #pathetic. And I had dreams involving the show for the past two nights, sigh. I still definitely recommend watching it, though!


Design // New Logo

One of the first assignments we had to complete for the Multimedia Communication minor was to create a logo for ourselves. I will never forget this assignment because it drove me crazy. I saw so many amazing logo designs everywhere online, everywhere I went, everywhere else but on my own computer screen. It took me tons of sketches and a LOT of time to come up with a logo that I was at least content to turn in.

I tried so many different variations, but nothing seemed quite right. I felt like the same advice for finding a significant other would work for creating the perfect logo: when you know, you know.

I ended up creating something that I was happy to turn in and it got pretty positive feedback, but it never felt like exactly what I wanted.

Fast forward to a couple years later, earlier today I was working on a project and decided I needed a new logo and knocked one out in about five to ten minutes. That’s it. It was almost kind of ridiculous how easily it came to me this time. And I even like it, too!

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 7.04.31 PM

Now, that isn’t to say that I won’t change my mind again because I’d bet $1,000 the next time I need to use a logo I recreate another one, but I’m really happy with this one. It’s simple, clean, but with a bit of whim, just like how I think of my design work. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. :)



Food // Fudge Stripes S’mores

I recently saw a pin for Thin Mint s’mores and thought “DUH! Of course those would be amazing!” and then planned to make them. Well, I realized it’s probably easier to make them if you remember the Thin Mint part of them…

I was visiting home for the weekend and I had two things to remember: my dad’s pick ax and Thin Mints. I guess at least I remembered the more important thing of the two…eh, who am I kidding, the Thin Mints were clearly way more important.

Anyway, I was walking down the cookie aisle after realizing I had forgotten the most important thing ever (reminder: Thin Mints) and spotted the solution…Keebler Fudge Stripes!


They’re basically begging to be turned into a s’more with their chocolate-y stripes built in to the shortbread graham cracker substitute. YUM.

Since there wasn’t any fire available, I used one of the many skills I learned in college: roasting (slash lighting on fire) marshmallows over the stove.


And then it’s as easy as you’d imagine, you put the wonderfully roasted marshmallow between two cookies! Finally, devour it and think about how they’re amazing and cry that you didn’t think of this idea sooner, but promise you’ll create them often.

photo 3

Or something like that.

The chocolate gets semi-melted from the warm marshmallow, but not to the point where you have to worry about it sliding off and losing the chocolate part of the s’more which is usually a struggle for me. Then again, maybe I’m just not coordinated enough to be a pro s’more maker. Either way, they were amazing.

For the record, we did end up being able to hunt down some girl scouts and secure Thin Mints so I was able to try both. I must say, though, after trying both combinations of s’mores, I’m going to have to vote for the Fudge Stripes combination. Obviously though, neither of them were bad. Because, duh, putting a roasted marshmallow between any two cookies is almost guaranteed to be successful.


Dog Therapy Day

I’m lucky enough to work on a college campus where fun things like Dog Therapy Days happen. Close to finals week they let owners bring lots of dogs and they hang out on the lawn just waiting to be pet by students (and staff :) ). This was probably the highlight of my week last week because I LOVE DOGS!

There were big (huge!) dogs that one student thought looked like a polar bear


and tiny dogs, which I sadly didn’t get a picture of her face, but this is Suki! She was clearly ready for St. Patrick’s Day.


We even saw long haired dalmatians, which I didn’t even know existed.  I don’t remember this one’s name…but she is apparently the leader of her and her sister and they liked to do everything together. Again I say, I LOVE DOGS!


We saw a super cute Golden Retriever and a lab that I didn’t do a very good job taking a picture of, but he was so cute!


Oh and of course, there was this fancy haired dog too.


In summary, I LOVE DOGS!



If I had a nickel for every time I’ve created an introduction post to a blog…I’d have about thirty cents. Seventh times the charm, though right?! Something like that :)

So, Hi! I’m Arianna and I was previously (hit and miss) blogging over at, but now that I really want to blog more I realized that my name isn’t the easiest thing to spell or remember. Coincidentally, that’s my favorite part of my name :) If the doctor’s office can’t say it when they have it in front of them, though, I shouldn’t expect random people to remember it which is why I’ve rebranded my blog to So Many Random Things!

This new title is quite appropriate since I plan to blog about design, crafts, lifestyle, possibly fitness (read: Zumba), and probably a lot of other random things. Yes, including gnomes. Obviously.

Gnome love proof

Gnome love proof

Besides just wanting to blog about randomness since I like to read other people’s blogs, I thought it’d be cool to be able to look back through posts and see my life how I see it now. Does that make sense? It did in my head. I think you get the idea.

Here’s to you and me figuring out this blog thing together!