Happy 4th of July!

Better late than never, right? :-P Oops!


This year we had to celebrate the 4th of July on the 3rd of July because Caleb sadly had to work :( We still had a lot of fun, though!

We went swimming for a couple hours in the early afternoon. Then we shopped around for the best fireworks prices (in other words, the place that didn’t mark up all of the fireworks like they aren’t supposed to). We all went to his house and both our families hung out and had dinner together and then when it got dark, it was fireworks time! Caleb of course is the firework master of ceremonies so he organized the order of fireworks for the night.


I tested out my new camera with the fireworks and the pictures turned out pretty good!


There are still some settings that I can’t really adjust like you could with a DSLR (because, duh, they’re DSLRs for a reason), but it took good pictures I think.




I was in charge of coordinating our yearly 4th of July picture. Last year was simple: we stood by a flag and I held fireworks like a binder…


and this year I got a bit crazier and sat on Caleb’s shoulders whilst holding sparklers :-P


And of course, I had to sport my Captain A’murica shirt.

Next year, I have plans for me being on the roof in some way or another and Caleb probably purchasing the $500 pack of fireworks ;-P


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