Professional Pretzel Bakers

Before the month of March leaves in the blink of an eye, I still need to document the beginning of my 25th year of life!

Basically, on my actual birthday I had work, the boyfriend had work, and everyone at home was recovering from being sick so we had an easy day at home with a Chipotle dinner :) and of course my mom made my most favorite cake ever, complete with cake mold from my like 6th birthday haha


The next day on the 7th, the boyfriend and — wait, this is getting tiring typing the boyfriend, let’s call him what he is — so Caleb and I went to Fashion Island to Le Pain Quotidien for a pretzel making class! It was so awesome and I definitely want to go back and learn how to bake, well, everything they ever teach.


The teacher was really cool and there were only five of us in the class total. We made the regular twisted pretzels, pretzel knots, and pretzel balls with a cube of butter stuffed in the middle before they baked. They were SO GOOD.

They gave us a plethora of parting gifts too. We each got to take home a box full of pretzels we had made, and two loaves of bread he had tested the recipe for earlier that day, and a packet with instructions on how to make the pretzels at home. In the class we made the pretzels using the process that involved dipping them in a diluted solution of lye and water which apparently makes them more caramelized and more like a traditional Bavarian pretzel and less Wetzel-Pretzel-y. So, of course, when we made them at home recently, we had to do the proper scientific way and we now own our own bottle of lye haha


And that was pretty much my birthday weekend! Other past updates to follow soon! :)



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