Thinking Out Loud Thursday // I’m back!

Surprise! I’m back! I figured Thinking Out Loud would be the best way to get back in blogging action. Good thing not too much changed since I’ve been away and Amanda is still hosting!

1. Okay, I take that back, some things have changed since I was last here. I moved and went through 3 new jobs in the past 6 months (insert emoji face where it looks nervous). BUT! The good news is that the job I have now is awesome, so I’m really happy! And it helped me learn A LOT about what was important in life.

2. I think…I’ve decided…to…blog for the whole year of being 25! Sometimes I feel like what I write is boring, but it actually is fun to look back on different posts! And I still need something to motivate me to bake and craft and stuff, so here’s to trying…again! :P

3. Going along with stream of consciousness…Anthropologie is having 20% off all their dresses today !! I had great restraint and stopped myself from making any purchases. I even stopped my brain from talking me into buying this beauty:

IMG_20574. I kind of wanted to do a grand opening post about the beginning of my 25th year on Earth and what not, and I’m not sure if that’s going to happen, but either way here’s some highlights thus far!

Rifle Paper Company Pop Up Shop!

Rifle Paper Company Pop Up Shop!





5. I got a camera! Part birthday present, part blog motivation (the boyfriend totally saw through me and instantly knew I was doing it for blog motivation. He does know me better than I know myself though haha)

Cross your fingers with me that I can keep this up and I’ll be back soon! :)


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