Friday Friendly Suggestions // Spring Nail Ideas

Welcome to another Friendly Friday Suggestions brought to you by my pinterest board that Noelle pins things to because she’s awesome yayyyyy! Also I feel like I should note that when she and I refer to these posts we actually just call them #FFS haha we amuse me. #grammaticallyincorrect

This week worked out well because I was already planning on painting my nails and then I saw that Noelle had posted 24 Ways to Get Your Nails Ready for the Spring which is of course another amazing BuzzFeed post :)

There were so many awesome designs to chose from so I first started out ambitious and aimed for the pastel stripe pattern.


And then I came back to reality, realized I’m not ambidextrous (even though I tried to teach myself to become ambidextrous summer before 6th grade, true story) and aimed for the scallop manicure. I decided to only make an accent nail with the scallop pattern because I was pretty sure I’d mess up.


I was planning on using Revlon’s Cherries in the Snow, a bright raspberry color, and other pinks for the pattern but…well, it didn’t go well to put it nicely. And taking that stuff off was TORTURE!


It left my nails looking ridiculous and that’s after trying to remove it two whole times.

So then I thought scratch that – let’s go for something easy and fun. Which led to the alternate nail. When I was picking out new colors, I didn’t even realize the ones I chose kind of matched the Pantone color suggestions. And Pantone is like my bff. It just doesn’t know it yet. Because it’s just a thing…not a person…okay moving on.


I also had to add some sparkle in there too :)

L to R: Wet n wild Mega Rocks "Waiting for My Solo" - Maybelline color Show "Coral Crush" - Revlon "Charismatic"

L to R: Wet n wild Mega Rocks “Waiting for My Solo” – Maybelline color Show “Coral Crush” – Revlon “Charismatic”

I like the color combination, it feels beachy! And the alternate nail thing is easy and fun, just like I imagined. All in all, not too shabby.


Left hand


Right hand

Try your own hand at some of these nail ideas and let me know what you think!

And just for a different perspective, here’s another shot of my newly painted nails holding my cat in a jar – that’s a good way to start the weekend right?! :P haha I have super random things in my office.




2 thoughts on “Friday Friendly Suggestions // Spring Nail Ideas

  1. Your nails are so cute!! I have such an addiction to painting my nails, especially around the holiday times! My favorite is probably Halloween, when I do candy corn nails :)

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