Thinking Out Loud // This and That

It’s Thursday again?! Time flies when you’re…sitting at a desk from 8 to 5 everyday…or not so much :P But here comes the random! Thanks as always to Amanda for making my Thursdays happier by letting me think out loud!

1. There are so many times a day starting my card making “business” (I use the term business quite loosely) pops into my head. I was talking about it with a co-worker the other day because she sells some jewelry on Etsy, but eventually wants to start a business with her jewelry making. I don’t even have an Etsy yet though! Actually scratch that – I don’t even have cards made to sell. ACTUALLY scratch that too – I don’t even know what kind of cards I want to make and sell. Basically, all I know is I want to make cards and share them with the world, but I need to actually make myself do it. So many things to do, so little time.

2. I did find time to clean my pantry the other day though YAY! The spring cleaning extravaganza of 2014 continues! I knew naming it that would motivate me ;) I’m definitely not about to admit how many hidden things I found that expired last year…


3. Wait…it’s May already?!? How did that happen? I’m excited for every month that gets me closer to summer weather, but it’s pretty crazy that we’re almost half way through 2014! Speaking of summer weather, we’ve had awesome warm weather the past few days and yesterday was perfect ice cream weather. #obviousinstagramfilter

4. Anyone remember the Berries and Cream Starburst commercial? Because my co-worker was talking about scones with berries and cream and I instantly did the song and dance from the commercial and she looked at me like I was crazy since she had no idea what I was talking about haha! Just another day in my life :P

5. Going to Zumba tonight will make three times I’ve done it this week and then I”ll teach it again tomorrow for a total of 4 times this week, yay! Zumba is my workout of choice, clearly :P

6. I’m rather proud of the delicious quesadilla I threw together last night and now get to enjoy leftovers for lunch today. YUM. Anyone interested in a recipe? I’ll probably just share anyway haha! It’s super easy.


I think those are all the thoughts in my brain for this Thursday!

Are there any old commercials you go around quoting? Or am I the only one? :P



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