WIAW // The Struggle to Stay Awake

Ever had those days where you’re struggling so hard to stay awake you grab at anything to help? Yeah, this was one of those days. So without further wracking my brain to think of an intro, let’s get to it shall we? Per usual, Jenn is the cool person hosting!


I had to wake up extra early to get to work extra early so I could leave early (notice the pattern?)  to teach Zumba later so I wasn’t really hungry until I had been at work for a bit. Unfortunately, around this time I realized I was already struggling to stay awake so I did what I’m not allowed to do…I got coffee.

Now  I know some people can only survive because they drink coffee, but when I have coffee, well, things get crazy. I feel the need to run in circles and my heart rate speeds up and – you get the idea. Me on espresso is even worse though. Amusing…but worse :P


Hazelnut flavored coffee (with a healthy dose of half and half) and a Nature Valley Strawberry Yogurt bar. Not the best breakfast, but it was the only thing that sounded good at the time. And it actually did somehow magically tide me over until lunch!

Lunch was far from thrilling. I’m trying to keep track of my food better and use as much of what I have before buying more so I had some Progresso chicken noodle soup in my snazzy owl mug and a random little Jiff peanut butter to go container. Yes, I just ate the peanut butter by itself with a spoon. Yes, I have been doing that since I was three. :P


I had finally made it through half the day. It was a struggle, but I had survived and then – I hit another wall. The coffee hadn’t really given me much energy at all, so I did the unthinkable…I went and grabbed a Cherry Coke with MORE caffeine. That’s a lot of caffeine in one day for a girl who usually has none :P I didn’t even end up drinking half of it, but it gave me enough of a boost to make it to Zumba. I had some popcorn with it so I wouldn’t be starving in the middle of Zumba either.


I think this would also be a good time to note that all of my food pics feature my desk at work. It is now even more blatantly clear that I spend my life sitting at my desk haha

So, this Zumba event…it was supposed to have around 50 people and right before the event happened I found out they were only expecting 4…which turned into…one. Haha! I basically taught a Zumba one-on-one. It was still fun because the girl who came was really nice and I got a work out in for the day.

For dinner I decided to finally try cooking dried lentils I’ve had for a while. They were super easy to make. I just simmered them in chicken stock, pepper, garlic salt, and added a bit of balsamic vinegar toward the end. I cooked up some Trader Joe’s sweet basil pesto chicken sausage (which had been in the freezer, I did not go get it because I haven’t lost the TJ’s bet!!) to go with it. It isn’t the prettiest picture, but it was pretty tasty!


As I’m now writing this I realize I didn’t take a picture of the most important part of my dinner…the mini Reese’s egg I had for dessert :P

And then…I crashed. :) What was the highlight of your meals yesterday?



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