WIAW // What I Wish I Ate


Welcome to my life where I am forever behind in reading my tall stack of magazines (yes, some of those are still wrapped in plastic…), blog reading (I do better with this one than catching up with the magazines), and book reading (I swear I’m going to read The Hobbit ;)  ). I realized when flipping through my stack of magazines and blog posts, I’m missing out on a lot of great meals I could be making, eating, and posting for a What I Ate Wednesday! So today I’ve put together a What I Wish I Ate Wednesday post instead :P


Breakfast: The May 2014  issue of Real Simple had a comparison of the best yogurts. You’re probably thinking, ummm that’s a weird thing to wish you could eat, just go to the store and buy some yogurt, duh. The sad part is that while I LOVE the taste of greek yogurt, the consistency gets me every time. It’s a sad story. I’ve basically found that I can only eat it with TONS of granola and fruit mixed in, which I guess is better than nothing. Anywho, yogurt is what I’d choose for the breakfast portion of my meal wishlist!


Lunch: Smitten Kitchen is amazing. I’ve known this for a while. She posted this recipe for Avocado Cup Salads, and I would be quite partial to the black bean version. It looks SO GOOD. And let’s be honest, all of those pretty colors make it look quite healthy, right?


Dinner: Lentil and Kielbasa stew from the March 2014 issue of Real Simple. I don’t know why, besides that it’s obviously amazing, but this just sounds SO good! I love lentil soup and throwing in some Kielbasa (or maybe even a Trader Joe’s chicken sausage) sounds super tasty.


Dessert: Because, duh, obviously it isn’t a full day of meals unless you have something  for dessert! I’ve been dreaming about Amanda at running with spoon’s chocolate chip skillet cookie post for a while now and it needs to be baked! I have a skillet! I have ingredients! I’m just afraid to bake one while I’m the only person around…I’d definitely need more people to help me out to eat this skillet of deliciousness.

Maybe my WIAW next week will actually include all of these meals! That’s probably just wishful thinking… :P



<a href=”http://www.peasandcrayons.com/&#8221; target=”_blank”><img border=”0″ src=”http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f210/klutzycutie16/WIAWbutton.jpg&#8221; /></a></center>


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