Crafty Thoughts

I have every intention of getting up my DIY Statement Necklace tutorial ASAP, but I want to make sure the directions are just right and not too confusing. So, while I work on that, I thought I’d post some of the recent Pinterest crafty things I’ve seen lately that I’ve been loving.


How to letter in chalk: This makes me want to make a framed chalk board and write cute things in it!


Paper flowers: I definitely have an idea in mind for these: a DIY spring paper flower wreath! :)


DIY Stone Bracelet: This would be pretty layered with multiple bracelets or the same bracelet in multiple colors.


Animal keychains: This pin didn’t have a link (sighhhhhhhh hate when that happens), but from the looks of it, it seems like all that is needed is little plastic toy animals that you spray paint, a hook to screw into the top, and a keychain! #whimsical right? :P

And coming soon:




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