Friday Friendly Suggestions // You Can Mail Easter Eggs?!

Welcome to the very first Friday Friendly Suggestions! This idea was created by my friend Noelle when I told her that I wanted to turn all of the awesome craft/food/random things that she sends me into weekly blog posts! We started a Pinterest board that she can pin to and then every week I’ll choose something from that board to do each week.

One of the pins I saw was titled “21 Things You’d be Surprised You Can Actually Mail.” So obviously, I instantly clicked on it. There are so many random, awesome things that can be sent in the mail! Coconuts?! Sombreros?! Plastic Easter Eggs?! *ding* That’s me imitating the light that went off in my brain when I saw that plastic Easter eggs could be mailed. I was determined to try it!

I had trouble finding the right size egg because the “normal” sized ones were too small, and a lot of bigger ones were see through which I didn’t like. I ended up finding these silly face ones at Vons.


I decided I’d send one to Noelle (obviously), my four cousins, and a friend so what I put inside needed to be somewhat universal. I decided on confetti, awesome Eric Carle stickers, and a couple pieces of candy. I didn’t want the eggs to end up too heavy either and this combination made them a really light weight.


I originally planned on using that green Easter basket grass, but it was sooo difficult to keep it in the egg so I just used a tiny piece of tissue paper in the bottom of each instead.


Right before I was about to seal them I realized they may never know who sent them! So I wrote “Love, Arianna” on a piece of paper to stick inside as well.


All you have to do is put the fun stuff in the eggs, close the egg, write the name and address of the amazing egg recipient on a piece of paper, and tape that thing up.


I wanted to make sure they would stay closed so I wrapped a piece of packing tape around the middle opening and then another running vertical on the egg to secure the first piece of tape.

Their first exciting activity will be to try open the egg :P


Then I took them to the post office to have them take a trip to their respective new owners! ;)

Edit: Make sure you put your return address on the eggs too! I was able to write it on a small, blank label the post office had right before I mailed them.


If you’d like to suggest something for future Friday Friendly Suggestions feel free to leave something in the comments :)

Thanks for pinning this awesome activity Noelle! :P

Edit: It took some time, but I think everyone eventually received their eggs! One had gotten lost in the mail and was delayed and Noelle’s took two weeks to travel all the way to Boston, but it arrived safe and sound!



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