In Need of Spring Cleaning

This past weekend I went to my aunt and uncle’s house for dinner because my cousin was in town (yayyyyyy) and when I got there, she was doing some spring cleaning of her own, going through all of her boxes of stuff that had been stored at my aunt and uncle’s.

I had great timing because I came around right when she had plenty of things to hand toward me and ask, “Want this?” I’m pretty good at being a pack rat, I’ve been practicing for 24 years now, so my general answer was yes.

For example, she had a pile of these awesome frames! How could you say no to those? You can’t is the answer.


They have really pretty detailing and they’re mainly black-ish, brown-ish, and gold-ish. They have some other colors mixed in, hence the -ish description.


I have a feeling I’m going to need to work on some graphic design to create things to put in the frames :)

Then I started accumulating different sized storage boxes:


Sorry for the awkward blurriness. It isn’t your eyes, it’s my picture…or my eyes…I don’t trust my own eyes… ANYWHO. I was getting kind of worried because I’ve had the intention of doing my own spring cleaning and I started wondering how taking all of this stuff was going to help me organize my own stuff. How can you say no to organizational boxes though? You can’t is the answer, again.


And hangers totally count as organizational tools too, right?

Then I got home and realized that I subconsciously had a plan for all of the storage boxes…


Sigh. My pantry is a mess. I’ve been meaning to organize my baking stuff for weeks and everything else just needs to be organized too! I’m glad I waited to organize it until I adopted these different storage boxes. I’m definitely someone who likes to organize things within things. For example, boxes within a pantry :P I suppose I’ll have to do an update post once I finally organize it! Because there has to be someone else in the world who find organizing things exciting besides myself, right? Maybe?

And now I have no excuse to not get started spring cleaning! Yay!



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