Friday Five // 2

Here we go!

1) So, this week was craziness. The first week of the quarter is always crazy and for some reason I always think, “I’m sure this time will be better because I’ve done it so much before!” Yeah no. And while I hate to have excuses, that’s why I didn’t post. No wait, that and a lack of planning. Or ideas. Or motivation. Okay now that’s just honesty, not excuses :)

2) Because I worked so much and so late, though, I was surprised with a box of chocolates from a faculty member! She’s always so nice and does everything as she should and I see that as thanks enough, but to get chocolate on top of it was just awesome!


3) Ummmmmm…oh, duh! I saw Divergent last weekend! It was really good. I got upset a couple times because it was different from the book, but it’s okay. I liked it a lot though and I decided I do approve of the casting :-P

4) And last weekend this happened :)


5) This is super random…though so is this post…and blog…so scratch that it fits perfectly. ANYWHO, I found a LivingSocial deal for a gym nearby that has group classes and the deal is for a month of unlimited use so I could potentially, between teaching and going to this gym, get to do Zumba 4 times per week :D YES. PLEASE.

Weekend Time!



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