Friday Five // 1

Friday Five brought to you by the classic Sarah Dessen blog style.

1. Today is a good Friday because I didn’t have to go to work! Hooray Cesar Chavez! Thanks for being cool so we could celebrate you with a day off.

2. You know you’re feeling better after a week and a half of being sick when you look outside and see how nice it is and have to argue with yourself to stay in bed and NOT go outside to keep getting better. Stupid maturity.


3. The only reason I could successfully argue myself back into bed was knowing that I’d get to keep reading Allegiant! I’m about half way through and it’s SO GOOD so far. I had high hopes for this trilogy after being let down with the last Hunger Games book (boooooooooooooo!!) and it’s living up to my expectations so far.


4. What a nice way to segue into number three…seeing the Divergent movie this weekend! Yay! I think I’m so super excited to see it because I’ve heard all good things about it especially that it stays pretty true to the book, which is nice, and I believe it since it’s going to be a whole 2 hours and 20 minutes. That’s a pretty long movie. Not Star Wars level. But close. Kinda. And to be honest I’m not so sure about casting but…I’ll decide that after I see it.


5. Yesterday when clicking through my Bloglovin’ account as one does (up to fifty times a day — oh wait, that’s only me that does that? oops.), Design Love Fest had another Dress Your Tech post which I super loved. I love the idea of this post and the painted wallpapers were super pretty. My phone is currently sporting the Elise Painting 1 and my computer has Elise Painting 4. So basically what I’m trying to admit is that I became obsessive over the painted wallpapers.

Elise-Pescheret_2 2

And what do you know, five random things complete!



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