Random // Dance Academy


I have a show obsession. I knew this would happen once I got Netflix, but I didn’t think it would be an obsession with a teen, ABC Family-type show from Australia! It’s definitely one of those shows where you think to yourself, “Why am I even watching this — wait what just happened?! I need to watch the next episode!” I don’t want to relate the type of addictive nature to The Secret Life of the American Teenager but…it’s pretty similar. Minus that it has an entirely different plot line. And I stopped watching that show after the first season. I promise. Pinky promise.

The show is about this girl around 16 who goes to a dance academy in Sydney, Australia to study ballet and all of her ever so hilarious and dramatic adventures and life lessons she encounters during her time there. Don’t judge. You know you’ve been addicted to random shows in the past, I’m just able to actually admit it. And yes, I’m definitely trying to justify watching this show by writing about it.

If you have Netflix though and happen to enjoy dance shows and/or dance performances then I really would recommend checking out this show. If only to laugh at how ridiculous it is that I’ve almost finished the whole first season. :)

Edited: Please note that since originally writing this post a very short time ago I have since finished ALL seasons of the show (yes, I powered through ALL of the episodes) and have even more love for the show. To the point where the end of season two made me CRY #pathetic. And I had dreams involving the show for the past two nights, sigh. I still definitely recommend watching it, though!



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