SUYL // Happy Hearts Pillows

I’ve never done one of these link up blog things, but I figured this was the best one to try out because Kelly’s Korner has a Show Us Your Life link up almost every Friday and today is SUYL: Show us what you make or sell. So, hello to everyone who traveled from Kelly’s Korner because I’m pretty sure that’s the only way anyone is going to find this post! :)

While one of my goals in life is to design, print, and sell my own cards, I haven’t spent as much time as I should working on that so instead of my own shop to share I have my mom’s Etsy shop that I helped set up for Happy Hearts Pillows!


She makes each pillow by hand and has put so much time and effort and love into each pillow! The pillow is basically two-in-one because there is the front side that she quilts…


and also the back side which is a matching piece of fabric.


She has so many different colors, patterns, and types that if there isn’t one your exactly looking for on the shop, message her because chances are she has one you’re looking for in her stock room (aka the guest room aka my brother’s room is now the guest room because the pillows basically have their own room).

I not only love the end creation of each pillow (I’m representing Happy Hearts in my own place with my own pillow :) ), but I love how happy she is making them. She originally wanted to make and give them to children who were in local hospitals or older adults living in retirement communities, but she found it difficult to find a way to let her do so. Instead she just keeps trying to go to different places and sell them to spread happiness to anyone who sees them or buys them! That’s why even if they don’t sell as well, even after linking up to another blog, I think she’s been successful just by the happiness she’s brought herself in making them and the happiness in others who have bought them…or re-pinned my Pinterest posts ;)


P.S. Yay, it’s Friday! :)


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