Design // New Logo

One of the first assignments we had to complete for the Multimedia Communication minor was to create a logo for ourselves. I will never forget this assignment because it drove me crazy. I saw so many amazing logo designs everywhere online, everywhere I went, everywhere else but on my own computer screen. It took me tons of sketches and a LOT of time to come up with a logo that I was at least content to turn in.

I tried so many different variations, but nothing seemed quite right. I felt like the same advice for finding a significant other would work for creating the perfect logo: when you know, you know.

I ended up creating something that I was happy to turn in and it got pretty positive feedback, but it never felt like exactly what I wanted.

Fast forward to a couple years later, earlier today I was working on a project and decided I needed a new logo and knocked one out in about five to ten minutes. That’s it. It was almost kind of ridiculous how easily it came to me this time. And I even like it, too!

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 7.04.31 PM

Now, that isn’t to say that I won’t change my mind again because I’d bet $1,000 the next time I need to use a logo I recreate another one, but I’m really happy with this one. It’s simple, clean, but with a bit of whim, just like how I think of my design work. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. :)




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