Dog Therapy Day

I’m lucky enough to work on a college campus where fun things like Dog Therapy Days happen. Close to finals week they let owners bring lots of dogs and they hang out on the lawn just waiting to be pet by students (and staff :) ). This was probably the highlight of my week last week because I LOVE DOGS!

There were big (huge!) dogs that one student thought looked like a polar bear


and tiny dogs, which I sadly didn’t get a picture of her face, but this is Suki! She was clearly ready for St. Patrick’s Day.


We even saw long haired dalmatians, which I didn’t even know existed.  I don’t remember this one’s name…but she is apparently the leader of her and her sister and they liked to do everything together. Again I say, I LOVE DOGS!


We saw a super cute Golden Retriever and a lab that I didn’t do a very good job taking a picture of, but he was so cute!


Oh and of course, there was this fancy haired dog too.


In summary, I LOVE DOGS!



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